Welcome to The League Of Friends of the Alexandra Hospital


The League of Friends employs two part-time coordinators who oversee volunteers who kindly give their time to the smooth running of the League of Friends' Office and Coffee Shop.



Welcome to the League of Friends

The League of Friends was established in 1986 when the Hospital opened. The aim is to provide equipment and services for the Patients and the Staff of the Alexandra Hospital.

We raise funds in a variety of ways, our main sources of income are from our very busy and friendly Coffee Shop, situated at the heart of the hospital and from generous and kind donations from the public.

Around 300 volunteers aged from 18 to 80+ willingly provide their time to help us achieve our aims. Voluntary activities include helping in the Coffee Shop, Flower Arranging, and Pastoral Care. We also work in conjunction with Age UK to provide 'Dignity Champions' on wards.

The League of Friends is managed by a Committee of Trustees. These are elected to hold office annually and are responsible for the day to day activities of the League. The Trustees are also responsible for deciding how the League's funds will be allocated.

Volunteering is not simply a way of putting something back into the community, but is also an opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and expand your horizons.



Please note to contact the hospital please dial: 01527 503030

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