Feb 25, 2015

A poem from a patient

Sue Meredith from Malvern was recently treated at the Alex for hand surgery and was inspired to write this poem:
Category: General
Posted by: Alice
High up on the Worcestershire Way, there's a fine view, they say, of far-reaching beauty, down the dale and across the vale, into the distance, towards a homely, warm welcome, which diligently awaits and where we can become confident and relaxed, without a hitch at the Alexandra Hospital in Reddith: rich in its embrace within the grace of an excellent "Acute Hospitals' NHS Trust with a personal affect like precious gold dust, where outstanding patient care and compassion is beyond compare, in its Mission, Priority and Passion And in the skies above, a chorus of lovely birdsong fills the air like a pure white dove, carrying along: a calm, gentle breeze with such incredible ease, to reveal the awesome height and bright light of a warm sunbeam, radiating like a shining trophy (for an award-winning team) reflecting a patient's gratitude in that illuminating glory, mirrored in this beautiful countryside scene