Sep 17, 2020

2020 A Challenging Year

Covid 19 has presented challenges to avery aspects of our lives during 2020.  Whilst League of Friends has made changes to its operation, we continue to support the Alexandra  Hospital.
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Posted by: rosemary

It was in March this year that "lockdown" meant that we had to close the hospital Coffee Shop to protect our staff, volunteers and, of course, our valued customers.  None of us expected that it would still be closed some six months later.  A risk assessment has been carried out and we are in consultation with the hospital management, but, with the current increase in the infection rate, it is likely to be a little while before we can, once again, welcome everyone back.

In the meantime, the League has not been idle.  We have supported the hospital staff with food and comforts and assisted with the purchase of several items of equipment for the hospital.

Visiting has had to be restricted during lockdown and many patients found themselves unable to communicate with families and friends. Through charitable donations, the Trust was able to acquire a number of iPads so that patients could stay in touch with loved ones.  It quickly became apparent that not everyone was able to comfortably hold an iPad, so League of Friends stepped in and provided stands to help out.  "Staying in touch" is so important when someone is in hospital, both for the patients and worried family members.  Technology has proved to be invaluable in maintaining contact and setting minds at rest.

It is often the kindness of others which makes a challenging situation more bearable and our members have been busy doing what they can.  Examples of the generosity offered by League of Friends volunteers include making "twiddle" muffs and knitted or crocheted blankets to comfort patients with dementia, pairs of hearts - one for the patient and one for the family, and providing comforts for the hard pressed staff on the front line.  Volunteers took messages on the Tust's Charity Appeal Line for several hours a week, freeing up staff for other duties. Some are now making face coverings to give to visitors to the hospitals who arrive without one. Support continues to be offered in a number of ways and is welcomed and appreciated by staff at every level.

As we all continue to meet the challenges presented by the pandemic, we send best wishes to our volunteers and friends in the hope that you remain in good health and hope that it will not be too long before we can all meet again in person.